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Mary Jane Keriakos began practicing law in 1982, first as a general practitioner, then as a proctor in admiralty, and since 1997 as a trained specialist in estate planning, wills, trusts, probate administration, trust administration, and guardianship. She also assists with real estate matters. She has been a Florida Bar member since 1992.


Why create an estate plan?
Because you love your family enough to consult a qualified attorney who will create a customized estate plan to protect your assets and transfer them to your intended beneficiaries.

What if you have no estate plan?
An intestate court proceeding will take place and the court will award your estate in shares as decided by the Florida intestate succession laws to your surviving spouse and/or your lineal descendents, or your parents, brothers, sisters and their descendants, and so on. This isn’t what you had in mind?


Which plan?
Mary Jane will help you determine if you should create a will-based plan or a living trust plan which if properly funded will avoid probate and will be administered privately with the assistance of your attorney. For either plan, you must also have the ancillary documents, durable power of attorney, designation of a health care surrogate, living will, and declaration of a pre-need guardian.

Some of the advantages of a living trust plan include sheltering your children's inheritance in trust shares, avoiding or reducing any federal estate tax if married, avoiding an out of state ancillary probate by funding out of state real property to your trust, and most importantly administering your estate in private.


It is essential to probate an estate whether there is or isn’t a will. Real property titled in the decedent’s name alone cannot be transferred until that estate has been administered in probate. Mary Jane has handled many probates, formal and summary, and will assist you capably.
If that real property was titled to you as trustee of your living trust, the transfer following your passing will be made in private at the conference table.


Mary Jane will assist with creation of an irrevocable trust, a life insurance trust, or a pet trust. Your pet may survive you. Why not provide for its support and maintenance with a pet trust?


Mary Jane counsels clients with real estate issues, such as contracts to purchase real property, real estate closings, and foreclosure defense.